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Almond is a community project, and we welcome anyone to use it, contribute to it, and help us make it the best virtual assistant.

You can contribute to Thingpedia, our crowdsourced, non-proprietary repository of digital interfaces and their linguistic representation. You can improve our website, client applications, dialog agents, or even our underlying technology. You can use, remix, and rebrand Almond in your own project.

We welcome everyone to contribute to Almond!

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What can I do for Almond?

Contribute To Thingpedia

Do you own a device, or know of a service that you want to control through Almond? You can add it to Thingpedia, and have Almond immediately learn about it!

Check out our developer documentation, and when you're ready, apply to our developer program.

Develop Almond

Have you found a bug? Or a feature that you really want? Head to our Github page to find our code base. Fork it, patch it, grow it.

Also, don't hesitate to get in touch through our support forum for help with larger projects, access to internal documentation, and details of the Almond architecture.