This October: Make Four Pull Requests and Get A Free T-Shirt #

The Almond team, working on the world’s best open and privacy-preserving virtual assistant at Stanford University, is participating in Hacktoberfest, an annual global event spanning the month of October aimed at supporting and celebrating open-source. The first 50,000 developers who make four pull requests on GitHub this month will receive a limited edition Hacktoberfest t-shirt.

While you can make PRs on any public repo to qualify, we would especially appreciate efforts to resolve issues with “Help Wanted” tags to accelerate our efforts to make Almond smarter and compatible with even more devices. If you are new to Almond and are interested in helping us, visit the Almond Community Forum and say hello.

Our proud collaborators at Home Assistant are also participating in Hacktoberfest this year and are seeking your help. Home Assistant is a home automation platform built on Python that allows users to monitor and control their smart devices. Presently, Almond can control lights through the Home Assistant; we’re hard at work, however, on more closely integrating the two services and expanding support.

(Cover image courtesy of Digital Ocean.)