Train Almond

Even after learning from the samples you've provided in the files, Almond sometimes still gets things wrong. The Train Almond page is one way to teach Almond what your commands mean and correct Almond's mistakes!

Accessing the Train Almond page

To access the Train Almond page, head to the Console page via the navigation bar on top and click on Train Almond on the left. Or you can just click here!

Teaching and correcting Almond

Suppose you have a command that you want Almond to learn to recognize. On the Train Almond page, just type the command into the text box and hit "Enter". A list of possible interpretations will appear and you can click on the one that is correct. This will help Almond remember that your command maps to that particular interpretation.

What if none of the interpretations are correct? Then just click on "Let me write the ThingTalk code" and type the ThingTalk program into the input box that appears. Alternatively, if one of the interpretations is close to the correct command, just tick the checkbox that says "Edit ThingTalk before learning." This will allow you to click on the closest interpretation and then edit the ThingTalk for that in the input box (see below).


Thank you for helping Almond get smarter!