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Interface for Fitbit wearable trackers

Uploaded By: Almond Authors
License: Free


  • WHEN: if my weight goes over ____ (weight)
  • WHEN: when my weight changes on fitbit
  • WHEN: when I walk more than ____ (steps) steps
  • WHEN: when my fitbit steps update
  • GET: my steps from fitbit
  • GET: my fitbit steps on ____ (date)
  • GET: my body measurements from fitbit
  • DO: log my weight on fitbit
  • DO: record my weight on fitbit
  • DO: make note of my weight on fitbit


  • getsteps(in opt date :Date,
    out steps :Number)
    retrieves the step count for the date
  • getbody(out weight :Measure(kg),
    out bmi :Number,
    out fat :Number)
    retrieve body measurements from Fitbit


  • recordweight(in req weight :Measure(kg))record weight on Fitbit