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Public posts from the Reddit front page

Class: @com.reddit.frontpage, version 62
Uploaded By: Almond Authors
License: Free


  • WHEN: when reddit front page updates
  • WHEN: when a new post in category ____ (category) reaches reddit front page
  • WHEN: when a new post from user ____ (user) reaches reddit front page
  • GET: the front page of reddit
  • GET: front page posts by ____ (user) on reddit
  • GET: front page posts in ____ (category) on reddit
  • GET: reddit front page posts published in the last hour
  • GET: the latest posts in the reddit front page

Available Operations

GET: get post on reddit front page

Url of link to Reddit comments whenever a post reaches the front page.


  • title [titles of national news articles]
  • link [url]
  • user [username]
  • category [subreddits]
  • updated [point in time]

This operation returns a list of results. The result can be monitored for changes, and updates every 5 minutes.