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This is one of your Tesla cars.

Uploaded By: Almond Authors
License: Free


  • GET: the state of my tesla car
  • GET: is my Tesla remotely accessible?
  • GET: get the battery level of my Tesla car
  • GET: get the temperature of my Tesla car
  • GET: where is my Tesla car?
  • GET: get the climate state of my Tesla car
  • GET: Is my tesla car plugged in?
  • GET: Are my Tesla's doors locked?
  • GET: Is my car at home?
  • DO: flash the Tesla car
  • DO: honk the Tesla car
  • DO: wake up the Tesla car
  • DO: turn ____ (power) my Tesla car air-conditioner
  • DO: set the temperature of my Tesla car to ____ (value)


  • get_vehicle_state(out odometer :Number,
    out locked :Boolean)
    get your Tesla car state
  • get_mobile_enabled(out mobile_enabled :Boolean)is your Tesla accessible remotely
  • get_charge_state(out charging_state :String,
    out battery_level :Number,
    out charge_port_door_open :Boolean,
    out charge_port_latch :String)
    get the charge state of your Tesla car
  • get_climate_state(out inside_temperature :Measure(C),
    out temperature_setting :Measure(C),
    out conditioner_on :Boolean)
    get the climate state of your Tesla car
  • get_drive_state(out location :Location)get the location of your Tesla car


  • flash()flash the Tesla car
  • honk_horn()honk the horn on the Tesla car
  • wake_up()wake up the Tesla car
  • set_air_conditioning(in req power :Enum(on,off))change the power status of your air-conditioner on the Tesla car
  • set_temperature(in req value :Measure(C))set target temperature