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Find people to do activities together!

Uploaded By: Michael Araya
License: Unknown


  • GET: partner finder
  • GET: partner for ____ (activity)
  • GET: matches in partner finder
  • GET: activities
  • GET: events
  • GET: what's happening
  • GET: plans
  • GET: find partner for ____ (activity)
  • GET: I want to do ____ (activity) with someone
  • GET: Find someone for ____ (activity)
  • GET: Find activiy for ____ (activity)
  • DO: add an activity
  • DO: Create an activity
  • DO: Make an event
  • DO: Organize an activity
  • DO: Make an activity



  • activity(in req activity :String,
    in req start_time :Date,
    in req end_time :Date,
    in req organizer :String,
    in req email :Entity(tt:email_address))
    Add a new activity